A HAIRCUT…..with a smile!

A HAIRCUT……with a smile!

Today I went to Amy for my haircut.  I do this every 4-5 weeks.  First I sit in the chair and I’m draped with a  black cape.  “Same thing?” Amy inquires.  “Yup,” I say.  Then we march over to the shampoo area….I take my pocketbook which I had JUST set down and we have a brief discussion about shampoos.  Then, back to the chair….I set my pocketbook down again….and Amy begins to comb and cut. IMG_4847 Now I’m remembering my blog ….. (“ENERGY”) when I mentioned feeling totally limp when I sit down for my haircut, dentist, doctor appointment, and I wonder why not so today. Today I felt alert and “alive!”  I really like Amy. She is sweet, unpretentious, and kind.  She is also a good cutter!  Things are going along quite normally and we are having our usual low key conversation.  Amy always asks about Joanie and Chuck, clients of hers who are friends of mine.  She genuinely cares for them.  We discuss JC Penney and whether or not business is picking up for them.  (I always cut through JCP to get to the Salon and I have been fascinated by Penney’s business issues.) By this time, Amy has been all over my head when I unexpectedly notice her in the mirror. I see her whisking her hands back and forth through my hair around the crown of my head and kind of swirling in circles…subtle but very specific movements.  (Now you must know that I only have about one inch of hair all over my head.)  As I’m watching her I realize that she is totally engrossed with my head and kind of zoned….almost like she is playing in the sand.  Suddenly I blurt out, “Your having FUN, aren’t you?”  She stopped short….looked up at me in the mirror….paused for a second as if she had been caught….and then, burst out laughing….”Yes, I am!!!”…..and we both started to laugh.  Then I realized that Amy was in the same place that I go to when I am painting and “having fun.”  ….the same part of the brain was taking her to that “other place.”  The place where we are on automatic, and operating from our most creative core.  The place where you just let go. Jan. 1913 0604 It’s when a painting gets painted…in spite of me and inspite of itself!  It’s when I ask, days, weeks, or even years later, “How did I paint that?”  It’s the highest place we aspire to…and yet, the harder we try to get there, the further we are. For it to happen, it must be effortless. The only thing that we can do, with purpose to advance our goal, is to create a conducive environment…..a comfortable studio, equipment available, and no interruptions.  For me,  a wonderful playlist of just the right music hopefully catapults me to that other place.  Amy and I soon slid back to the normalcy of the monthly cut..I had interrupted her “other place.” ….but, in spite of that, we had shared a special moment…and we knew it.   I also suspect that we both kept the curled edge of the smile…that little giggle that’s always ready to bubble up…for the rest of the day!IMG_4851

How was my haircut?  A little short….but it always is!


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2 Responses to A HAIRCUT…..with a smile!

  1. Bernice Feinman-Braslow says:

    Besides being an Artist, you are a great writer!..Proud to be a relative of yours, however, your artistic talents had to come from your mother’s side, not our side (your dad) !!!
    Love, Bernice

  2. Martha Fine says:

    Tammra, I am getting such a kick out of your blog. It makes you present in my life away from FL. Also, it’s a window into your creative impulses and processes. Such fun and inspiring, too

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