PENS AND NAILS….I like pens!

PENS AND NAILS….I like pens!


Now what is more fantastic…the pens….or the nails?   Well, I happen to be a pen freak.  Any pen I see I have to reckon with myself not to steal it!  I usually inhale and exhale and let it be. When I saw this pen collection I was blown away.  IMG_4868The owner of the collection is Nerline, a server at a lovely Sunday brunch that we were invited to by friends.  She also happens to be one of my models. (Well, yes, I “picked her up” the last time I had brunch there with the same friends!) Nerline is fabulously exotic.  My students loved her.  I have not painted her because I am not painting figures at this time.  Well, back to the pens.  When I saw those pens, being a pen freak, I got very excited…so I pulled out my camera. (Was it the pens or the unexpected hit of color on her black apron?)  But then…I saw the NAILS.  This girls has it all together, eh?   I never asked her why on earth she had ALL of those pens in her apron.  I think they only use them for people to sign their checks.  Maybe Nerline is a pen freak too!

Nerline and I have become Facebook friends.  I have learned through Facebook that she also does high fashion modeling.  I usually run from any model who has anything to do with fashion….Simply because a painting model is so totally different from a fashion model. (see Blog: “Interesting? Spiritual? what the….?”)But, Nerline’s bottom lip captured me so, that nothing else mattered.  And yes, she is very soulful!  IMG_3878

Back to the pens…..Yesterday, while visiting my optician, I asked to borrow his pen to jot down some information.  I flipped for his pen.  My fingers got itchy!  Couldn’t steal it…He is too nice.  He saw me coveting it (I wasn’t too subtle!), but he didn’t offer it to me.  No one has ever NOT offered me a pen that I have drooled for…so I figured this must be a special pen.  I actually asked him if he could GET ONE FOR ME!  It had the company name Crizal on it, so I figured it was a promotional, free, and easy to obtain….like maybe he had 15 in the back!    It had a fabulous tip…kind of indescribable….He said that it is special because it is for marking lenses.  He also said it dries out quickly…but I think he was just trying to make me feel better….like I shouldn’t really want it.  I am still hoping he will get one for me!  I never seem to have enough pens…in fact, I never seem to have enough art supplies in general.IMG_3853

My passion for art supplies reminds me of when my son was an art student in college.  As an entering freshman, in order to help him out a bit,  I set him up with supplies through my mail order house.  He arrived at his first class totally “fit.” About a week after school started he called to say that someone had broken into his locker and stolen all of his supplies.  I guess someone noticed that he was well stocked.  He was quick to add that it was wasn’t really a problem.  He said that other students loaned him a few brushes and a few tubes of paints….and “Guess what,” he said, “It was a great challenge….and I could mix whatever I wanted from those few primary colors!”  Now, couldn’t you just love it?  Attitude is everything!IMG_2828

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2 Responses to PENS AND NAILS….I like pens!

  1. Dina says:

    What a wonderful blog site Tammra!! I love seeing into the mind of an artist!! Always colorful!
    I will keep up with you this way while you are away this summer. Keep exercising your body, mind and thoughts and keep writing them down, you have a beautiful way with words!

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