WHEN DID SOMEONE LAST SEND YOU A RAINBOW?….a little something sweet for desert!

WHEN DID SOMEONE LAST SEND YOU A RAINBOW?…a little something sweet for dessert!

The other night we were out to dinner with friends and I felt my phone buzz/vibrate.  I looked down and saw it was an email from my son.  Well, our children always come first, so I peeked……It was a photo of a RAINBOW.  IMG_0596When did someone last send you a rainbow?  Probably never!  This is the son that my friend once told me, “Just face it, he isn’t a hallmark person.”  I was somewhat offended when my friend told me that…..”HE IS A HALLMARK PERSON,” I thought….It took me some time to realize that she meant a “Hallmark” person.  Oh, and was she correct! No cards for Birthdays, Valentines Day, Anniversaries, Mothers’ Day……and so on and so forth.  Ever since my friend enlightened me about 25 years ago, when these occasions come and went, and I never got cards, I stopped looking and hoping, always hearing my inner voice say, “He’s not a Hallmark person…and that’s OK.”  That explanation worked.  So last night I got a rainbow. Out of thin air, my son sent me a RAINBOW.  What did that say?  “I love you.”  “Im thinking of you.”  “This is so beautiful, I wish you could see it.”  “I wish you and Dad were here too.”  “You are a great Mom. Happy Mothers’ Day.”  “Happy Birthday.”  “Happy Valentines Day.”  “You are an important person in my life.” He sent no words….  just the Rainbow.  I sent him an email back right away.  It was a sunset!IMG_4866

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