I love to watch Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood on CBS.Image  Sometimes, after I see the “Table of Contents.” I think nah nah…not interested in that… but then, I am always shocked at how interested I am in just about anything they cover.  This week, among many interesting subjects, they discussed a young rock band who apparently has a unique twist.  The young men met at Columbia University as fellow students…..now they are rock stars…at the top of the charts!  These kinds of stories are always fascinating.  The band is called Vampire Weekend.  While the young musicians, who write their own music and lyrics, were being interviewed, I heard one fellow say something like, “I’m always chasing the Rightness.”   “There is the other layer of rightness”  “I get a chill when it is right.” Image

A little bell rang when I heard these comments.  In the creative process we are always looking for the “moment of rightness.”  People often ask me “How do you know when a painting is done?”  These young musicians said it all.  The answer is WHEN YOU CATCH THE RIGHTNESS!.  Typically, when I think I am nearing the moment, I peruse my painting…right to left, left to right, up and down, down and up…back an forth….and look for something to change.  When there is nothing to change, then it is done….and it is RIGHT.  I would have to add that every artist’s Rightness, and every artists search, is a unique one of course. My rightness would have to include elements of surprise and quirkiness to be right.  My work just has to be wrong enough to be right.

Below you will se the progression of a recent piece in my studio…”Hive with Windows”Image

Very very very very NOT RIGHT (translation….BAD!) Image

Very very very very NOT RIGHT (translation….BAD again!)Image

Very very very very NOT RIGHT (translation….BAD yet again!)Image

Very very very very NOT RIGHT (translation….BAD yet yet again!)  By this time I’m getting moody. 😦  and desperate….


Ahh….Something is feeling naughty and right.


And I’m finally feeling RIGHTNESS!

And my P.S…… Always remember, if you are a painter, or any creative artist….If a work isn’t completely RIGHT, it is ALL WRONG!

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