IGUANA SNAKE HOSE….and new art supplies!

IGUANA SNAKE HOSE…and new art supplies!

Our new green snake hose is the color of an IGUANA!  It gives me a charge just it see it amid the landscape.  How outrageous!  You all have seen these ads on TV about the shrinking hose…. but who expected this “mean green?!”  It’s so unexpected that you could almost fight over who gets to go out and water the flowers.  Love it love it love it….Hope you love it too.  BTW…I really can’t tell you how good it is…we’ve only had it for a few days.  So far so good! (maybe used once!) Image

But more importantly, this hose reminds me of when I was a student at Syracuse University School of Fine Arts.  I didn’t have very much spending money. When I would go to the art supply store, I went with a concise list of exactly what I “needed.”  Really, no money for extras.  But, that being said, after I collected what was on my list, I would hang around the paint section and long for new, different, and unexpected colors.  On a particular day I promised myself, that, when buying art supplies, I would always buy one new and outrageous color.  So on this wintery day in NY State, I elected to buy a chartreuse green…very much like the new hose….it was, for sure, an over-the-top color (you might say obnoxious color)……and I just had to have it!!  Now, my challenge was to figure out ways to use it….and indeed, I used it everywhere.  My paintings changed.  All possibility changed!  That chartreuse green not only affected my paintings….but it affected how I thought about my paintings and my approach my paintings.  IMG_1675To this very day, I find that I look for colors that won’t work…that are ridiculous ideas….that make no sense….And then I push until I can bring these discordant things together. I once read a quote from the actor, Christopher Walken: “First I figure out what I am supposed to do….and then I do the opposite!”  That describes exactly how I approach my paintings…consciously and unconsciously.  I continue to challenge myself with new, different, and unexpected possibilities!



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2 Responses to IGUANA SNAKE HOSE….and new art supplies!

  1. Anne Barberi says:

    I laughed about the hose because I have been wanting one myself. Your description clinched it! I, too, have experimented with doing the opposite (remember George Castanza-Seinfeld) and with regard to painting, it hasn’t worked nearly as well for me😪. Love your writing……please don’t stop!

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