For the last two days I have reached out in an effort to find a collector to acquire my monotype titled “Tornado.”  As you may recall, I am donating the entire sale price of this piece to the victims of the Oklahoma tornado.  (please see blog “Oklahoma Not OK” ) Image I have been feeling disappointed, not that I haven’t found the home for the piece yet…hey, I understand what goes into that…but that I have only received a handful (if that) of “likes” on Facebook.  Making things worse is the fact that the Facebook posts just below mine, showing a someone’s  Mexican dinner, get 38 “likes.”  HELP! Image

Yesterday, I lamented to my husband that the responses to my blog, Facebook, and private email blast seemed lame.  As I am groaning, I heard my husband say, “your expectations are too great!”  OMG…I heard that word!

Well,  Hello There Little Miss Perfect!  Have I not JUST written a blog about “Expectations?” see “Orb-Triteful Truisms” ) Did I not just state that I practice having “no expectations?”  Ah-ha…well didn’t that sound grand!  It looks like today made a liar out of me!  Trying to play by my own rules, I failed. Of course I had expectations …expectations for an enthusiastic response of generous supporters who, at the very least, wanted to take action and forward my mission to their chain of followers. Well, as far as I can tell, only very few have. Image So what have I learned, other than the fact that, despite my own efforts, I continue to have expectations? I suppose I could surmise that nobody likes me?…Well I can’t really go there!  And so, I learn that Little Miss Perfect (ideals) ain’t so perfect!….and that I need to continue to live my life as I choose and work harder on having no expectations. Practice makes perfect!

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