IMG_4846I’ve been wanting to write about Oklahoma and the tragedy of the tornado….and when I start to write, there are just no words.  We can barely even allow ourselves to imagine the terror of this kind of event. Hurricanes, storms, tsunamis, floods….. these horrors are becoming all too familiar in recent years.  All we can do is pray and send love.  I wanted to send clothes….just finishing up some spring closet cleaning today, but I learned that money is better than clothes.  These poor people, if they are lucky enough to be alive, have nothing.  Thinking about it today, I recalled a very special monotype that I created several years ago (2004) when I was working on a weather series.  This particular piece is titled “Tornado.”

ImageThe image itself is 17″ x16″ with approximately a 6″ white boarder all around making the finished sized approximately 34” x 32.”  The piece is inventoried at $2500. Yesterday I posted on Facebook that  I would like to sell this piece to an interested buyer and contribute 1/2 ($1250) of the sale price to the victims of Oklahoma.  I am very serious….it’s really a great piece for anyone who knows and enjoys my work.  I have decided that the entire sale will go to Oklahoma.  The target price is #2500…..you may start bidding by posting on my Blog site.  Or contact me by facebook or privately.  Imagine what meaningful way to help, to remember and be humbled by these times, and have a wonderful addition to your collection.  This is not a second tier piece…so you will really be acquiring  something of artistic value.  I ask you to please share this notice by sending the link or sharing on facebook so that other folks out there who might be interested in this opportunity can find out about it.  Lets all join together and give Oklahoma our best.


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