I love horses.  I love horse racing.  I am from Baltimore and today was the big day!  I was all set to watch Orb take the Preakness this afternoon.  I had my seat in front of the TV with a glass of wine and sweet potato chips….ready to watch this miraculous horse take Imagethe second race of the Triple Crown…and be on his way to the Belmont shooting for #3.  It didn’t happen. It fell flat. AND I was convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, after watching Orb run in The Kentucky Derby, that it was a no brainer.  (not to mention that we personally know and like Orb’s owner,  Stuart Janney!)Image I had no money loss to Orb….just the huge disappointment of expectation. How expectation can distort reality!  It made me revisit my thoughts regarding  expectations.  Expectations from loved ones, from a career, or from a good friend. A number of years ago I learned that if I had expectations, I set myself up for disappointment.  I’ve tried to adopt an attitude of expecting nothing and being grateful for what I “get.”  Ideally, when I really want something it’s best if I request it and make my needs clear….even though I might think that the other person should “know.”  And trust me, it is NOT EASY!

Another perspective would be the devotees of “The Secret.” …that skinny little book that was the rage about ten or fifteen years ago. I think one of my students gave it to me.

ImageIt proposes that if you visualize what you want to happen for you, it will happen.  The art of attraction or positive thinking.  I can’t exactly buy that point of view…as much as I would like to.  I sure did visualize Orb way in front crossing the finish line!  If I imagine or “visualize” myself winning a prize at an art exhibit it doesn’t happen.  If I don’t even give it a thought, I have glanced up to see a first prize ribbon!  I do, however, believe that we need to be open to the good things that we want…that somehow our openness brings, or “attracts”, or invites what we are missing or in search of.

But, back to the magnificent Orb.  With the Belmont coming up quickly, please forgive me for indulging in my TRITEFUL TRUISMS:

“For the loser now

Will be later to win

For the times they are a-changin’ ”  Bob Dylan

“All’s well that ends well.”    William Shakespeare

“Put your money where your mouth is.”  Unknown

“Hope springs eternal.”  Alexander Pope

and finally….”What goes around comes around”  (unknown) …..I tip my hat to you Orb!



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