Do you ever think about how much energy goes into a day? … Just standing up and going about your business….driving, doing chores and errands ….(not to mention painting and teaching) just the daily routine.  It’s like our bodies have a certain automatic tension that holds us together…keeping everything wired.  I don’t really think about it…..UNTIL I sit down!  …. that is,  if I HAVE to sit down.  Yesterday I went to my doctor for my “annual” checkup. Image Happily I am well from last week’s ordeal, so he got to see me as my best self!  After all, who wants to see a doctor if they are sick?!  The technician asked me to lie down so that she could do a routine Electra-cardiogram.  As soon as I laid down I felt all of my energy evaporate into the air.  I closed my eyes, shielding from the fluorescents above, and felt my bones and muscles all go whissssshhhhh… limp. Just imagine cutting the strings from a puppet! Image I thought to myself, ‘I didnt know I was so tired,’….and it was only 11:00 a.m.  I have felt this before.  When I sit in the chair to get my hair cut.  Whisssshhhh….and everything relaxes.  And the dentist chair, just for a cleaning of course, otherwise I would surely not go whissshhhhh.  My dental hygienist loves to talk….I always want to just be whissshhhhh.  And sadly, often IF I sit down and try to read a book during the day (or night) whisssshhhhhh….out I go. Lectures are also a problem….and evening lectures…forget it! That dramatic contrast to my go-go nature was quite stunning…..and it really made me conscious of all of the energy it takes to be up and active and zippy….Energy that I don’t think about until I sit still for a minute.  I even wondered, at one point, if I had narcolepsy!   That brings me to naps!  I hate to nap.  I hate to wake up in the morning….so why would I make myself go though that twice?  I know lots of people who love love love their naps.  Even their power naps. Image Not for me.  I suppose Im afraid that if I hold still for two minutes I will go WHISSSHHH  and then have to deal with getting my energy flow back and reconnecting my twisted strings!  Each to his/her own I suppose!

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  1. wonderful….keep this going

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