Today was a wonderful day….I managed to spend the bulk of the day in the studio….with only a few interruptions (including another visit from the dancing AC guy to fix my filter!).  Started another piece that seems to be another “Hive” (Hive#3).  It was going very badly.  I have so many ideas floating around in my head that the piece was totally fragmented and piecemeal.  I couldn’t focus or commit to a direction.  Yet, it turned out to be one of those wonderful “rescue” pieces….when the piece was so failing that NOTHING could ruin it.  At that point I look think look think look think and look think to decide what element of this rascal is the most worthy.  Since nothing can “ruin” it, all of the runways were open.  There was the “permission” to let it all hang out.  It did come together…which is what makes for the “joyous” part that I described in blog #1.  What I like about the piece is that it is deliciously messy and complicated with lots of layering and process and unexpected color juxtaposition.  It is unselfconscious….coming unquestionably from a real place.The concept of the hives, netting, screens, and the patterning of the comb dominate.  I like the moving in and out, front and back, and finding my surprises.  The messiness and the gooeyness is so satisfying.  I like the ambiguity of the BEE/Larva (organic) forms. IMG_4779

I have decided to revisit Hive#2  It was too sweet and tidy!  I have roughed it up a bit and I think I have brought it around to my liking.  By using pencil in all of the ares between the grid, I am “pushing it back” that area and allowing the BEE to jump forward…even though it is still behind the grid.  I am enjoying the layering and the somewhat disturbing element of “what is where…..and why?”IMG_4782

Hive#1 has been an interesting encounter!  I liked it the first day…but it has become dull and duller upon each visit….even thought there are some really beautiful areas. IMG_4690 I am now covering it up with burlap….and attempt to actually build/wrap the hive.  More work to come.  The wonderful Apple monitor makes Hive 1 look brighter and more alive than it does in person.  It was feeling interesting but contrived to me.  So let’s see what the next step brings.IMG_4780

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