While I was lying in bed sick last week, the idea of creating a blog was born!  I would like to post what I wrote then…. Occasionally my thoughts become poems.  Happily, I am strong and well now!

ImageI’m sick

I say

What’s the matter?

They say

I’m the matter

I’m just matter

White heavy matter

Sunken deep

And still



Mattress matter

R u ok?

They say

I groan.

WHAT?  They say

Go way I think to myself…too much to say

C’mon they say

We need to get you hydrated

But I can’t move I want to say

I want to stay

At one with the mattress

And my lucid dreams.


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2 Responses to While I was Sick Last Week….

  1. Linda Hyde says:

    If it sounds like poetry, reads like poetry and looks like poetry- then you are definitely a poet!!! Hope you are feeling 100%…

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